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Residency in Jersey

Why Jersey

Jersey is about high-quality living. With a thriving international business centre and beautiful scenery, Jersey private, safe environment is the perfect place for families and business to flourish.

Jersey benefits from a rich heritage, an excellent education system, unspoilt beaches, a thriving leisure and sports community, a first class health service, Michelin-starred restaurants, and a charming French ambiance.

For Jersey’s small size there are a diverse range of options available, from modern sea view properties to traditional granite country houses. Call John Crespel on +44(0)7797 719146, or email [email protected], for some free, confidential advise and help with your search.

Non-residents buying property in Jersey

Jersey has special rules with regards to individuals purchasing on-island property. There are some properties that can be purchased by non-islanders, under a ‘Non-qualified’ status, however the majority of properties fall under ‘Qualified’ status, requiring the purchaser to either be ‘licensed’ or ‘entitled’, as assigned by Jersey’s Population Office.

To be awarded a license to purchase ‘qualified’ listed properties without having to first relocate or establish an on-island business, the individual’s income tax contribution must be a minimum of £125,000. With the top tax rate being set at 20%, this would require the individual to have taxable income of £625,000, qualifying them as a High Value Resident. Note that all income over and above £625,000 is taxed at 1%, Jersey has no Capital Gains or Inheritance taxes, corporate tax is 0% and Jersey's Goods and Services tax (VAT/GST) is 5% on all goods and services.

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For more information on housing qualifications, visit the States of Jersey website.