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Masks are now strongly advised for all viewings

Recommended types of mouth and nose coverings

Any type of home-made or commercially available mask is appropriate for community use as long as it covers both the mouth and nose.

Commercial or homemade masks are often made from fabric and are reusable and washable. Clinical type masks and dust masks are intended for single use before being disposed of.

There are two main types of reusable mouth and nose coverings which we recommend as they offer the best protection while balancing breathability and comfort – three layer fabric masks and clear face shields.

Three layer fabric masks

These are made from:

  • an inner absorbent layer,
  • a middle (often removable) filter layer
  • non-absorbent outer layer

A mask with multiple layers of fabric are better than single layer masks.

Valved masks are not recommended as they do not filter particles when breathed out.

When choosing or making a mask always ensure it fits correctly and allows you to breathe easily.

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